Hi, I’m Katie,

I recently married a Coast Guardsman and we were stationed in Savannah, GA, about 3 miles south of my hometown. I’ve spent the past few years traveling abroad, around Europe and Mexico, which was amazing! These days, I am exploring locally within the USA. Since my husband and I will get stationed in a new place about every three years, my goal is to explore every corner of the town that I am placed in and deliver all my discoveries and tips to you. As newly weds who love to travel, my husband and I are always finding ways to travel for less. I hope this blog will give you the motivation and information you need to do some traveling of your very own. Also, for the military families reading this blog, I am going to post all that I discover about military MWR facilities, military discounts around town, and Travel and Liesure office deals. I hope to be your central location to find out how to travel military style.

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Photo by: Truly Faithful Photography

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Products and discounts that I’ve personally used for traveling are on my “Products and Discounts” page.

We usually go through Airbnb.com to find places to stay. I have a discount code that will get you $40 off your first stay with Airbnb!


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