5 Things to Know About Las Vegas in 2021

I visited Las Vegas this past month, March 2021, and have picked 5 important things that I think you should know when you visit Vegas. Shows are slowly starting to open back up, and popular sporting events are making Las Vegas a little more back to normal. Limited capacity is still required, and hotels, restaurants, and activities are selling out. The following post will address choosing the right Las Vegas hotel, taking advantage of Las Vegas rewards, knowing about Las Vegas transportation, booking Las Vegas activities, and choosing a Las Vegas travel agent.

1. Choose a Centralized Hotel, but Don’t Fret About the “Perfect One”

In Vegas, time is money, and you will truly feel like a number at many of these giant hotels. However, it is still super fun staying at these massive properties as many offer some of the best resort-style lobbies, restaurants, pools, gyms, and hot tubs that I’ve ever seen. We stayed at 3 locations because I wanted to check out several options for my clients. The Delano at Mandalay Bay is known as a more up-scale Vegas property, and the Mirage and Paris Las Vegas are relatively average in price for Vegas strip hotels. In my opinion, service was similar at each hotel as staff is limited right now and mobile check-in and check-out is encouraged. Ironically, I saw more staff all over the Mirage than I did at the Delano.

The Mirage Las Vegas Instagram Spots

Each hotel boasted about in-room dining to avoid the wait at breakfast, but I could never get someone to answer the phone for that actually to work. However, I will say that I had to call customer service for billing at the Delano and at the Mirage, and they were quick to respond and the call went just as I needed it to.

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Front Entrance Instagram Spots

Basically, every hotel will have things you love and things you don’t. The Delano had my favorite room by far, but staff was extremely limited as well as restaurants because of covid restrictions, and the property is pretty far from the center of Vegas Strip. The Mirage had a beautiful pool, awesome gym, and fun casino vibe, but the few restaurants that were open were packed on the weekend. Paris Las Vegas was in the best location of the three, had several restaurants, and had a fun casino, but early check-in had a price, and the hotel room had an odd smell. Just choose a hotel that excels at offering those things that are most important to you.

I scoped out all the hotels while we were there (because that is half the fun in Vegas), and I can help you find the perfect one based on your favorite amenities and cost preference.

Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Las Vegas Outfit

2. Get an M Life Rewards and Caesars Rewards Card at their Branded Casinos

MGM M Life Rewards and Caesars Rewards offer reward cards to anyone who signs up, which gives you a minimum of $10 free play just for signing up! Swipe these rewards cards every time you eat at one of their hotel restaurants, book one of their hotel rooms, or buy from their shops, and you will earn points that can add up for various perks. The main point is to get your free $20 gambling money, which you can choose to use for table games or slots. Even if you set up your rewards account online before your trip, you have to go to the casino to the Caesars Rewards and M Life Rewards desks to get your rewards cards and free play.

The Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas Flamingo Exhibit and Linq High Roller

3. Uber vs. Taxi in Las Vegas

To my surprise, Uber was hardly available when we went to Vegas, but travel is still iffy and it was Vegas Speedway weekend. We took a taxi 3 times while in Vegas just because they were always at the front entrance of each hotel and the airport. Vegas taxis are still more expensive than Uber in Vegas, but sometimes the difference in cost is not worth the wait. Curb is the app taxis use in Vegas. You can order a taxi on the app just like you would an Uber, or if you hail a taxi at the hotel entrance, you can pay by card at the end of your ride. We signed up for the Curb app and got $5 off our first ride.

Paris Las Vegas Hot Air Balloon night Photo and Las Vegas outfit

4. Book the Most Popular Activities in Advance

Although the governor lifted requirements for restaurant reservations, the standard pretty much still stands as the best restaurants fill up fast! I wanted to go to the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan, but had to go before dinner because all other times were full, and I booked a week ahead! Most Las Vegas restaurants use Open Table for reservations, but if you do not see availability, don’t let that keep you from asking the hostess. Some people make reservations beforehand, only to change their mind later.

The Cosmopolitan Chandelier Bar Las Vegas and Vegas night outfit

Other activities that don’t really sell out from what I saw were the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck, the Venetian gondola rides, the Linq High Roller, the Shark Reef Aquarium, etc. There are so many options for activities that you can buy them a couple days in advance online, or at the booking desk if they do not offer online purchases. Although, some activities do require at least 1 day advance booking of tickets online like the aquarium. Really, the restaurants that you don’t want to miss out on are what I recommend booking well in advance.

Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

5. Skip the Guessing Game, and Book your Travel through A Professional

Travel agents like myself spend their time taking courses on top destinations so that they can plan the best trips possible for their clients. You don’t have to only book high-end travel to use a travel agent. We can book hotels, rental cars, and activities all separately or in a vacation package, depending on what you need. Working with a travel agent doesn’t take out the fun in planning, it just takes out the guesswork along the way.

Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower Vegas Strip View and Las Vegas Evening Outfit

I hope this post helps you while visiting Vegas! Feel free to take my travel survey if you would like assistance planning your next trip!


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